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Five Ways to Benefit from Marketing Videos

As Internet speeds increase, so does the popularity of online videos. Ordinary smartphones now even have video cameras boasting a whole range of pro features. So what are the factors involved behind the scenes?

For starters, marketing videos are so easy to make nowadays. A simple smartphone allows you to shoot and edit! Videos are such a personal medium as well. You can establish a more intimate and personal relationship with your audience – and thus get more likes and shares on social media – as opposed to using text exclusively. You can convey more in a lot less time using marketing videos than just words.

In terms of marketing videos, here are the best uses and benefits it can offer your business:

Providing Solutions to FAQs

Frequently asked questions on your website can be answers with the use of video demos. Your customers will like this a lot more than having to read blocks of text.
Video Chats

Attaching your brand to a human face is the best way to build a deeper, emotional connection with your market. Once they shifted to video chats, several companies have noticed a remarkable increase in their customer satisfaction rates.

Greater Social Media Engagement

As mentioned, marketing videos often get more likes and shares on social media compared to purely text-based posts. This is certainly a fantastic way of getting your brand out there, especially in this digital world we’re in today.

Product How-To’s

One thing all consumers will surely admit is that instructional videos are easier to follow and thus work better than purely text instructions. You can tell people what they should do, but when you show them, everything becomes way more efficient.

Credibility Boost

Compared to a written review, a video testimonial sure exhibits more credibility. People know it’s a real live person giving a piece of their mind. For a long time now, online marketers have been using video testimonials.

Access to Various Audiences

YouTube gets over 4 billion page views daily and a really strong and engaged audience. It’s the second biggest search engine (next to Google), and people visit it for a whole range of reasons, including learning about a product or service. Which means it can be used to market your brand through videos.

Increased Email Open Rates

One of your biggest assets as a business in the digital world is your opt-in email mailing list. But on top of that, you have to find ways to boost your engagement as well as raise your email open rates. Videos sent through emails are some of the best and proven methods of pulling up those rates.

Increasing Conversions

Finally, when you add a video on your landing page, you automatically increase your chances of getting more conversions – which is quite simply the goal of any business – and this is something proven by statistics.