Wireless Remote Light Switch: An Integral Component for Home Lighting Automation

January 14, 2020


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Primarily led by the growing adoption of smart home automation solutions in the UK, home lighting technology has come a long way and still continues to evolve. In developed markets, one of the major advances in this domain, after transition from using incandescent bulbs to LED lights, has been to give the users the ability to remotely control their home’s lighting system in a seamless manner. At the heart of such a lighting automation system lays a central control device and several wireless remote light switches programmed to activate or trigger their corresponding receivers, which are, in turn, connected to lighting fixtures or power points. To offer more intuitive control and flexibility, the central control hub can be controlled using a software application that works on smartphones, computers, and other compatible wireless devices.

The importance of wireless switches in the home lighting control systems can be acknowledged by the numerous benefits that they provide to the homeowners. Some of the noteworthy ones are:

Seamless Integration with Home Aesthetics:

The battery-operated wireless remote light switches and their corresponding receivers offer both convenience and usability. With the receivers plugged into or connected to the power outlets that feed electricity to light fixtures, the switches can be installed using a two-sided tape and moved anywhere within the 30-feet range. As this eliminates the need for unnecessary hard-wiring, family members get a perfect combination of maximum functionality and minimum impact on interior aesthetics.

Customisable to Suit Diverse Requirements:

Depending on the lighting needs of your home, remote-controlled switches offer much-needed flexibility in terms of controlling groups of lights and setting pre-defined modes. Considering that one switch can control multiple fixtures and vice-versa, your lighting can be conveniently extended or contracted to fit your size and scale of automation. Advanced receivers which have a dimming function also allow families to create pleasing ambiances.

Convenience to Scale Up Both Horizontally and Vertically:

As installing additional switches and receivers require minimal effort, wireless lighting systems provide greater convenience to scale automation both within the room or outside the area already covered. Unlike traditional switches, these don’t require expensive and time-consuming hard wiring. For instance, if homeowners who already have wireless switches installed to control indoor lighting decide to expand the same to manage outdoor lights, they can do it with minimal hassle.

Control Lighting Real Time When Outdoors:

Advanced lighting automation solutions that integrate wireless switches, photo sensors and IP cameras allow you to gauge current lighting levels from anywhere using your smartphones and control them accordingly. This is especially useful for working parents who have young children at home. Controlling light real time using switches and dimmers helps you to save considerable energy compared to traditional wired systems.